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SydneyTango Autumn Milonga Saturday 29 April Club Bexley 8pm - Read Interview with DJ El Mafioso who will keep you on the floor until the midnight hour!! Plus MaggieFergusonTango & Friends live music!


SydneyTango Autumn Milonga Saturday 29 April Club Bexley - 8pm to midnight


El Mafioso, interview with Sima:


Having had the privilege of being a lucky beneficiary of the ever expanding skills of El Mafioso (aka Anthony Miller)

over the past decade, including having the honour of featuring him at every year of the Sydney Tango Salon Festival

and dancing to his music at several international festivals, I can attest to his expertise in all facets of presenting

music for tango dancers.


His motto  ‘PLAY THE RIGHT TANGO AT THE RIGHT MOMENT” is in evidence

at every milonga where El Mafioso is in attendance!


Question 1: How do you judge which is “the Right Tango at the Right Moment?

El Mafioso:  My goal has always been, “Come on the dance floor and lose yourself with your partner. I will create the musical background for you to be able to forget about everything else.” There is no formula for what is the ‘right song’. I want dancers to go to the floor not only because it is a good song but more because there is a great vibe going on.

Today, with the technology, you really have the possibility to find tracks and clean them up from static noise and create your own sound without damaging the song. I use the technology to get the songs from vinyl and have them all in the highest 24-bit quality – analogue sound quality with digital production.

Question 2: How does your many years as a tango dancer influence your choice of tango tracks to play at a milonga?

El Mafioso:  There are many good DJs who understand the music and the history and all the secrets of tango, but ultimately the “dancer”must come out in you to feel the music and to perform the music from the dancer perspective and for the dancer.

There are many ways to DJ today, which is great. For me, it’s not the method which is important, but what comes out of the speaker. My gear is customized to what I exactly need for a milonga, including the cortinas.

Question 3:  How important for a DJ is developing expertise with and using the right music equipment to achieve the right sound?

El Mafioso:  As the level of dancing has matured, the dancers are more selective and more demanding on the quality.Technology has evolved to a level where the DJ must study their equipment and master it. It is not only important what you play and when you play it, but especially important how you play it. I don’t just play music – I perform.

With the technology today, you must take your time and create those layers of sound. The creativity in DJing tango is on a different level today – it is not only matching the orchestras and the singer and the original vinyl production – that is considered as the “must have” fundamentals.

It is not about your instant gratification, rather it is about shaping the night and creating such a different world that the dancers forget where they are. They forget what they wanted – they just know that the night was amazing, the sound was perfect, the dynamics of the moment perfect, and that they never heard D’Arienzo or Di Sarli so clearly.

Question 4: Are you influenced in your arrangements by attending milongas and festivals in different countries and working with international maestros, and how has this affected your choice of the “right tango at the right moment”?

El Mafioso: Besides the maestros who I respect enormously and who influenced not only my dance path but also my path as a DJ, my real teachers are the dancers, the typical milongueros and some of the maestros I found myself very fortunate to meet and who have become close friends.

We spend hours listening to tango and verbalizing what each tango means and makes us feel. Ultimately however, when the milonguero has an amazing night, then I know that was the best tango at the right moment.

Question 5: As an acknowledged presenter, do you enjoy giving DJ Seminars and workshops and passing on knowledge to other developing DJs?

El Mafioso:  My adult life has always been as a lecturer and teaching adults. The teaching comes very naturally to me. In more tango-mature cities, the local DJs and also the dancers are very willing to learn not only about the technology but also about the history and the tradition of tango, as well as about the orchestras.

I want to enjoy what I’m doing, and this is why I am always looking for something new to incorporate for a better sound, because I think I can excite dancers only as long as I’m excited about what I’m doing myself. It is about excitement, about trying to find new ways for a better sound. It’s about always evolving to the next step. I need technology and equipment in order to do what I want to do.

Question 6: Do you have any special DJ engagements for the remainder of 2017?

El Mafioso:

May: Istanbul Tango Fiesta

July: NewZealand Wellington Festival / Tokyo Tango Festival

October:Singapore Festival

November: Shanghai Marathon / Bali Tango in Paradise Festival

Also, invitations to DJ in Buenos Aires

Thank you for the generosity of your replies to some searching questions, and we look forward with excitement to your music on 29 April!!

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