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Re: BA Teachers!

Here is a Link to their Clip...  (HD)

Re: BA Teachers!

One of the most memorable moments I have during my last year’s visit to BA was Disparis’ Easter special workshops.  Jorge and Maria turned with his son, son’s fiancé, two daughters including Samantha and one of their boy friend also… So, it was big Dispari family workshop.  The feel of workshop got was VERY different compared to other workshops I had done before.  He attended each student (learner) in very personal kind of way… chose which one to practice with which family member… looking carefully of each learner and deciding…  At the beginning and at the end, he commented on each learner with specific remark…  I suspect this is the sort of feel the local dancers learn and teach?  There is a feel of very personal care and attention given to a lot of details.  

One more very memorable thing about the workshop was the way Jorge and Maria del Carmen danced (simple demo of figures)…  Through out the workshop, Jorge D’Arienzo’s ‘Trago Amargo’ (1939 version) obviously he likes D’Arienzo…  ‘Trago Amargo’is a quite powering fast song…  but he danced 7 version of Villa Urquiza style Giros to it just so really smoothly and elegantly. It opened my eyes. 

Jorge Dispari is a great character and very open person.  I am especially excited about the Q&A with Jorge and Maria session… Great idea considering the history they carry and the personality that go with it… 

I hope we do a bit of home work though…  as there is no point asking them the questions we can ask, for example, to our local teachers…

I know several Sydney teachers wanted to bring Jorge and Maria to Sydney and it is a great pleasure that Jairo and Amy now have managed to organise this.

Re: BA Teachers!
What I write here is not really about Sydney scene. But I feel there is a relevance.
I made a quick trip to Newcastle on Saturday night and attended the milonga there.
The venue was modest Senior's club located in the middle of residential suburb Adamstown.
But, I liked it a lot. 
It resembled some of the milongas in BA which are attended more by local dancers there.
A milonga of a Barrio.  To be honest, it is a sort of 'feel' Sydney has lost a bit.
Jorge and Maria made one of their dancing as a tribute to Ozvaldo Zotto.
In one way, this could had looked completely out of place thing to do...
In middle of Newcastle Australia...  
But the intimate feel of the occasion made the moment actually truly natural.
It reminded me how Sydney Tango scene has grown but also has become more of businesses.
It was nice to see new Tango community starting up there under the care by Mauricio and Wendy.
I would like to congratulate them for their on going effort...

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