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Re: tango + family should = good floor craft if not get some therapy please!
I am confused.  Is there one 'instructor' or many 'instructors'?  Does it refer to a teacher? or a dancer who 'verbally' lead a follower? (This sounds actually not easy thing to do!)
In my view, talking during dancing - on technical matter or otherwise - is all together is not acceptable at any Milonga. 
Milonga is a social 'dancing'.  Dancers may want to chat at tables or before start dancing on the floor (between and at the beginning of each song) etc... but not once engaged in embrace.
To me, someone talking during dancing at a milonga is more like someone talking during a concert... Or - more milder example could be... you go out for a dinner... main meal arrive and everyone pick up knife and falk then... one of them starts... Oh, I know how to cook this. You first do this then that and tricky bits is this.... Probably this cook used this instead of that but I enjoyed the same dish cooked by such such which I ate when I travelled to xxxxxx.......  It just spoil the actual experience of eating itself. 
Social dancing is a communication without commentary thus no need of words.
I am interested in the second point commented by June about - If follower can control down her boleo or not.
I am not a follower and just do not have enough experience to comment on this from follower side...
But, from leaders point of view, I can say...
Unfortunately, in Sydney at least, whatever my intention of leading of a boleo may be, a follower may end up doing whatever she wants to do.
While, I agree with June about follower's free leg to be 'free' thus should not be controlled by choice...  the reality is that many ladies tends to treat boleo as 'adornment'.
In some situation, in relatively crowded floor, I lead a boleo quiet way... then... next moment I see follower's sole popping up behind her shoulder...  and I think "Oh Sxxt!"
Of course, those who can execute this type of really high back boleo knows the floor well and they would do it only when it is safe... but what if an accident happen?
Well that will be MY mistake!
So... only way to control the situation like this is not to lead boleo unless there is definate safe space behind flower. 
By the way, low boleo is not absolutely a safe move either.  It can easily trip some one down.
By the way... I want to add one more comment here.
There is a difference between crowded floor and the one Chris commented at the beginning of this topic.
As far as I could see Concord floor that night was not really 'crowded'.
Still Sydney does not do well.
In a way, I could say this...
Our floor manner is not very sophisticated because our floor is not crowded?
Truly crowded floor is a technical challenge and in my experience, I actually end up dancing more creatively.
Limitation often force me to turn the direction I usually do not turn and dissociate a lot more...  squeeze more musicality in slower movements and need to give more density to my dancing by finding more intimate connection in one step. 
To me, Sydney's lack of ability to dance well when floor is due to lack of floor craft of course BUT... it may well be MORE about lack of our understanding of how enjoyable it is to dance in it.
And of course, to enjoy this form of dancing, it actually requires more skill.
And again... beginners typically struggle.
And interestingly... the very ability to maneuver limited space and to make tighter circles... can be obtained by - dancing bigger and learning more complicated moves!
Learning Tango is full of contradictions and it is best not to believe in one thing...

Re: tango + family should = good floor craft if not get some therapy please!

I agree with the notion that the free leg is just that, as described by June and this is the true beauty of real tango, however, in reality, ie; Sydney tango, a follower cannot merely be an accessory to the lead. Both need to be present on the floor and by doing that, you can interact in the greater community of the dance floor. 

Of course, the follower can control the height of a boleo. If I get a strong lead for a boleo and there is no room for it then I don’t do it.   It is my choice as a follower if I give my leg to the lead.
When the dance floor is busy I believe that both partners need to be aware of their surroundings. At a milonga I don’t trust the majority of dancers in Sydney and so am always on the lookout for potential collisions. This is what I meant by having a two way communication with your partner on the dance floor and being conscious of where your ‘free’ leg goes as a consequence of the lead. 

Re: tango + family should = good floor craft if not get some therapy please!


Actually to clarify my first statement, “HE” is apparently a 'real' tango instructor. Not just a social dancefloor instructor which is a definite NO-NO for anyone!
Not sure where he teaches though. Probably just private lessons for the unweary & people who don't have a clue about real tango. He also possesses really bad behaviour like walking across the dancefloor during a tanda going to get/carrying drinks etc. He has no respect for anyone else or tango etiquette whatsoever.

"If you are NOT dancing WITHIN the embrace then its not tango"

Re: tango + family should = good floor craft if not get some therapy please!
I may be side tracking here but...
(And I am not commenting on so called Instructor as I can not really comment on specific person without knowing exactly who it is...)
If a dancer behave in the way which is definitely below the bottom standard and plus offend or danger someome or just out right spoil the milonga in some way...
What can I do about it? 
Here I am talking about quite extreme bad behaviors...
- Literary Crisscrossing packed floor diagonally - (Tango version of Jaywalking)
- Getting drunk out right and shouting or pestering at someone...
- Speaking loudly and badly about someone else specific...
What do I usually do about it ?- although this is really rare... 
The answer is that I do not do much. (If people threaten to punch each other I would step in to calm them down etc of course but)
After all, a milonga is a business space.
Whoever charging money is running a business and it is their space to maintain the bottom line standard.
Often Sydney Milonga organisers close their eyes and fail to act.
Here I am talking about the offense far below the line I consider as bottom of bottom.
And I generally do not complain...
Instead, my visit to this milonga - depending the nature of the ignored disturbance - would decrease.
Another reason is that... I also feel the best way 'I' can contribute to these situation is to maintain my focus on social dancing and not allow these actions to destroy the precious feel about Tango dancing.
And I think many other dancers shares this feeling?
By the way...
There was one eye opening experience sometime ago...
It was one of those out door milonga and on the small floor a dozen couples were dancing... and there came three very small children...
They were very excited and started running crisscrossing the floor screaming.
But no one stopped dancing and did not stop the children!
To my amazement, all the dancers managed to dance 'WITH' these children.
Naturally no boleo above floor because easily could ended up kicking these kids...
And navigation wise... incredible...  even the dancers who often bump into others - somehow - avoided colliding into these three kids who were hopping, running and screaming all over the floor.
I was very impressed by the fellow dancers' composure and ability to dance with these non dancers... atucally I almost felt proud of the way others danced with excellent focus.
On the other hand,
I was not at all impressed by the organisers who did absolutely nothing about the kids.

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