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***Ladies Tango, delicate subtleties in each movement, embellishments, and more... Saturdays: 22nd Feb, 7th and 14th March - 1pm City Tatts.***
Ladies Tango
Saturdays 22nd of February and March 7th and 14th
1pm -2:15pm
City Tattersalls Club, Segars Room
Cost $30

The aim of these classes is to provide you with the feminine rol the necessary elements for you to dance Tango with fluidity, elegance and control of your body.
We will look at body awareness, alignment, posture and elegance, the importance of our feet and the correct way to place them, how to use the floor to your benefit.
With a variety of exercises that will include musicality, embellishments, pivoting, changes of dynamics and delicate subtleties in each movement. 
Class taught by Jacqueline teaching Tango and performing in Australia and overseas since 2001.

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