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Tango Integrator Workshops

Location: Redfern < Class >
Date: Saturday, 16 November 2019
Time: 13:00-14:30 Cost: unknown

These workshops are part of a 6-workshop series over September - November (Oct 19, Nov 2 and Nov 16).

There will be two workshops on each Saturday; each focusing on different elements and orchestras.

1pm - 2.30pm:

Workshop 1: Walking with connection to your partner and the music:

Walking in close and flexible embrace, cadencia and phrasing.

3pm - 4.30pm:

Workshop 2: Enhancing what you know already (doing more with less):

Refining and linking the fundamental elements of tango - with a focus on connection, musicality and navigation.

Who for
Intermediate too Advanced. Not suitable for beginners.
As an indication you should be able to lead / follow Parallel and Cross System Crosses, Ochos, Giros, Sanguchito and Ocho Cortado.
Aboriginal Dance Theatre, 88 Renwick Street, Redfern



Sophia de Lautour and Paul (Pablito) Warren - instructors with SoTango


$35 per workshop or $40 on the day

$30 per workshop - if 4 or more workshops prepaid

Register with a partner (if possible)
To ensure there is a reasonable balance of leaders and followers for the enjoyment of everyone:
- If you register in a leader/follower combination you will have automatic entry.
- If you register as a solo follower or leader your registration will depend on the leader/follower balance at the time, and you may initially be placed on a waiting list.
How to Book
Contact Sophia by email or phone:
Mob: 0411 747 949
Make sure to mention:
- Which workshops
- The name of your partner (If registering with a partner)
Organisation: SoTango

Name of School: SoTango
Principal Teachers: Sophia de Latour & Paul Warren
Location(s): North Sydney, Redfern, Glebe, Bondi Junction*
Year of Establishment: 2013
Contact: Sophia 0411 747 949
Venue: Aboriginal Dance Theatre
88 Renwick Street, Redfern

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