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Cafe Tango Class & Milonga

Location: Darlinghurst < Class Milonga >
Date: Sunday, 5 July 2020
Time: 18:30-22:00 Cost: $15.00 (casual rate)


6.30 pm Class
7.30 pm Milonga
“Cafe Tango - we predominantly focus on Tango Nuevo, with particular attention to the pioneers and protagonists of this movement (Piazzolla, Fabian Salas, Gustavo Naveira, etc).
The music mix is 80% tango nuevo and 20% traditional. 
Infuse your social dancing with a sprinkle of culture, with footages, interviews and short documentaries before the Milonga.
Milonga entry:  $15 
Class plus Milonga:  $20

Contact number :0421803811. Francois Santo

Organisation: Cafe Tango
Cafe Tango is a milonga with focus on Tango Nuevo music and history.
Contact person:  Francois Santo  0421 803 811 
Venue: 134 Oxford
134 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst

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