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Sydneytango Discussion Forum Rules and Guidelines

Welcome to SydneyTango Forum.

By joining our forum you agree to abide by the following guidelines.

The SydneyTango forum is run by a volunteer Moderator. If you have a question for the Moderator, please allow at least 24 hours for a response.

The Administrators and Moderator of SydneyTango reserve the right to re-locate or delete any post or thread that they deem inappropriate for this site. Please remember that this is a site primarily aimed at disseminating information and providing those interested in Sydney tango with a forum to air views and discuss issues in a civilised manner.

General Forum Rules

Usernames and membernames. When joining and selecting a member name, please remember that it cannot be changed - it is the name that will appear in the forum. We can change your email address and we are happy to do this when necessary.

  • Do try to avoid ambiguity by using the "smileys" available at the bottom of the posting window. Written communication lacks the visual cues of face-to-face dialogue and can easily be misinterpreted. The use of irony, no matter how well-intentioned, is particularly susceptible to misinterpretation!
  • Avoid profanities or foul language. This includes in topic titles. We have word filters in place and any attempts to get around these will result in your post being edited. Excessive and/or continuous use of foul language will result in an official warning from the Administrators.
  • Do not include racial, ethnic, gender, sexual preference or personal insults
  • Do not start a thread that is hostile to individuals. Any posting deemed to be a direct or indirect attack on any member of the tango community will be removed without warning. Continuous attempts to start this kind of thread will result in an official warning from the Administrators.
  • Any thread that is a spin-off of an already deleted thread, will also be deleted. As will any thread that is started for the sole purpose of putting down, or offending another person,
  • Do not search or dredge up old threads for the purpose of denigrating another person. Any such posts or threads will also be removed.
  • Subscribers may not argue on the forum with the decision of the Moderator or Administrator. Any complaints must be directed directly to support
  • Try to post in the relevant forum If you post in the wrong forum, your post will be moved by the Moderator.
  • Impersonating another subscriber or a member of the Sydneytango team, in any communication will result in immediate suspension.
  • Typing in capitals signifies shouting, please be sensitive to other members and do not post in all capitals.
  • Three warnings from the Moderator or Administrator will result in suspension from the forums.

Flooding and Spam

  • Do not flood the forums. Any member that is deemed to be flooding the forums with the same topic will have all of that topic removed without warning.
  • In December 2003, the Australian Government introduced the Spam Act. Spamming (the sending of unsolicited correspondence) can incur hefty fines.

Privacy and Copyright

  • We respect the privacy of all of our subscribers and we expect our subscribers to do likewise. You may never release the personal information of another person unless you have their consent to publish information that is not already public (names etc.)
  • Our responsibilities include ensuring subscribers are not violating copyright laws. We ask that you refrain from posting:
    - Private Emails without the written consent o the parties involved.
    - Messages from other Discussion Boards
    - Any part of or whole Private letters or correspondence with the written consent of the parties involved.
    - Articles or items longer n a short paragraph from other edia (magazines, books, websites) unless you have written permission to reproduce. Any of the above that are posted will be removed by the Moderator.
  • Hacking รป any person trying to hack into the site, or any part of the site will be suspended immediately and further action taken.

Buying and Selling on SydneyTango

  • SydneyTango will eventually offer a Classified section which allow subscribers to buy and sell. In the meantime the forum is not available for buying or selling goods or services, although we do allow non-cash personal ads to be run in the Personals forum.

When this feature is available we will be posting guidelines for its use.

  • Ebay links are not permitted on SydneyTango.
If you have any comments or queries about these guidelines please contact the Administrator at
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