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BA Teachers!
I do not pretend I am an expert...  Every year, Every month, Every week, my understanding of Tango transforms and gets re-painted - over and over again... and 'that' is the fun.  So, what I write here is a foot print only... 
And BA teachers are often the keys... they 'click' something in me and open a new door. Letting me out of frustration - if not instantly - but it happens.
I found the following clip of Anibal Montenegro who will be coming to Sydney very shortly - and in this clip he dances with Renee who, I believe, was visiting Sydney last week end and a beautiful dancer.  (She is now in Byron Bay and teaches there with her partner Boris.)  So, Tango world is really big and small at the same time!
What catches me most about Anibal's dancing here is his fluidness in simple moves... (not in big Nuevo moves)...  I suspect he is a good follower also...  His motion is 'continous'... parts of his body is well relaxed and only minimum and effective parts of his body move then these parts also continuously change hands...  Something I am aspired to emulate but really hard to do...
I was away last year when he visited Sydney and looking forward this year's visit.
Am I 'pushing' Anibal?  - Yes.
Actually, I want to and will push all the BA teahcers schedules to come to Sydney...
Agree or disagree, unless we try learning... nothing will happen?
Anyone know, if Mario and Anabella will come this year???

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Re: BA Teachers!

Isao, Interesting comments. I feel I need to balance them with my own experience after several private lessons with Anibal last year. The bottom  line is I would not go to him again. This is my personal opinion - talk to me if you want to know more.

Re: BA Teachers!

I have just booked two workshops. Too late!
I will update review afterwards...
You are professionally musically trained person and spend several months in BA each year - so I suspect your bar is high!?
I try taking at least one workshop when BA teacher comes to Sydney...
to get the feel of the dancer/teacher...  although that is as long as I like 'something' in that person's dancing.

As you know... learning from BA teacher here is the only best next thing to do to visiting BA.
Any way, thanks for your advise...

Re: BA Teachers!
Mmmm, Hi guys, ... I attended all of Anibal's classes last year and they were fabulous!!! He has a fantastic understanding of how the body works and the clarity in his teaching technique is awesome. I have been to many visiting teachers over many years and rather than just going ahead with a pre-prescribed course and just ploughing on ahead regardless of whether anyone is 'getting it', Anibal pays great attention to the various students abilities ... these workshops are not to be missed! Oh, ... they are also very bloody good fun. Enjoy!!!

Paul W.

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