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Synergy workshops

Location: Alexandria  < Class >
Date: Sunday, 14 March 2021
Time: 18:30-19:30 Cost: $25.00 (casual rate)
Teachers Workshop
Important! Due to COVID19 restrictions and keeping dancers safe, we
are booking singles and couples online only. Couples register together
and dance together; no changing partners allowed 20 participants per
To confirm your booking, pre-pay your fees in TangoSynergy account in
Details Bank account: 
SB# 032-002, Account# 618281
February 07:   6:30-7:30pm     Tango Spirit     -  Jacqueline and Anthony       
February 14:   6:30-7:30pm     Tango Spirit     -  Jacqueline and Anthony        
February 21:   6:30-7:30pm     Dance Tango    -  Federico Mattiuzzi

February 28:   6:30-7:30pm     Dance Tango    -  Federico Mattiuzzi
March 07:       6:30-7:30pm      Costes Tango   - Carlos Costes & Amanda                               
March 14:       6:30-7:30pm      Costes Tango   - Carlos Costes & Amanda                               
March 21:       6:30-7:30pm      Tango Conca   -  Karina & Fabian        
March 28:       6:30-7:30pm      Tango Conca   -  Karina & Fabian        

April   04         6:30-7:30pm                              Craig and Kes

April   11         6:30-7:30pm      Club de Tango -  Peter and Lisa             
April  18          6:30-7:30pm      Club de Tango -  Peter and Lisa             
April  25         
6:30-7:30pm      Club de Tango -  Peter and Lisa


Tango Synergy is a not-for-profit community association created by and for Tango Dancers. We provide affordable milongas, open to members and guests. Benefits of membership include discounts for milongas and workshops. Annual Membership costs $40.

Contacts: Frida at
Contact: Frida 0412 850 924

Venue: Latin Dance Australia
Expo 40/112 McEvoy St, Alexandria.

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