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Czech House Milonga- Melbourne

To Sydney Tangueros and Tangueras,

If anyone will be travelling to Melbourne in the future and want to dance tango, you should come and dance at the Czech House Milonga. It is on every second Sunday of the month.

This is a very special milonga with a fantastic atmosphere. You would not be disappointed. I've danced here many times with great joy and memories. After a long absence, I've returned to dance last night, greeted by generous friends, being inspired to dance and improving tango once again.

The music is of a very high standard. Melbournian dancers have been forming a strong core of DJs (non-teachers) who possess in depth knowledge of tango, tango music, DJ techniques, milonga etiquette as well as sensitivity to dancers' needs and acute awareness of the energy of the dance floor.

Melbourne tango scence is blossoming with many excellent young male and female dancers, mixing harmoneously with great experienced dancers. These young dancers have been nurtured and guided to become very skillful, thoughtful and respectful dancers. If I am a follower, I could count at least 10 leaders (non-teacher) whom I would like and wish to dance with. And from the leader's point of view, I was spoiled for choice.

The milonga has a fantastic happy vibe. The dance floor is excellent. And lastly, there is a strong unspoken understanding between dancers. As leaders, we follow the music and each other. There is a strong floor rhythm dictated by the music (not by oneself) encircling us, binding us and encourging us to dance, even beyond our capability.

Time flew so quickly here while you having fun. And the music and embraces still linger long after.




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