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Archived Polls
Should tango schools enforce vaccination certfication? 9/03/2022
Should milongas allow table reservations? 24/12/2021
Should women lead at a milonga? 24/07/2013
Do you enjoy learning and dancing chacarera, canyengue and other non-tango but related dances? 24/07/2013
Do you expect milonga organizers to ask people to dance with them as much as they can? 30/06/2012
Do you like dance performances at milongas? 20/05/2012
When a live band plays at a milonga, would you prefer them to play in distinct tandas? 20/05/2012
Do you prefer classes to insist on rotation of partners? 1/02/2011
How much is a regular milonga worth (with no live music or performance)? 16/10/2009
What is the most appropriate way to ask for a dance? 20/07/2009
Do you prefer close embrace when dancing tango? 12/02/2009
How could you best improve your tango dancing? 8/01/2009
Which is your favourite dance? 1/12/2008
Do you like milongas to include a segment of Salsa or other dance form? 6/11/2008
What is most important to you about a milonga? 3/07/2008
Is it acceptable for women to ask men to dance at a milonga? 1/06/2008
Should live tango orchestras be supported at Sydney milongas? 2/04/2008

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